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The Holland family at the Sunshine Coast at sunset

The Holland Family at sunset, Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to passerby - and keen photographer - Kaleb Ufton for pressing the button with perfect timing!


Think that photography should be a joy, not a science exam? So do we.

Think that photos should be fun celebrations of life? Us too.

2 gorgeous toddlers, a PhD helping folk who can’t read to access technical stuff, 20 years’ experience as a photographer, a year as a house-husband, and a wildly-supportive wife.

That’s the cocktail that drove me to create Take Better Photos.

When my children (Isabella, now eleven, and Carmen, now nine) came along, photography became play again, and a thing for the family to share. My children love looking at the photos and acting out the stories again. For our distant families, the photos mark the chapters as our children grow. For Sue and I, the photos are ways to hold on to priceless memories. No matter how much we try, we can't remember what our children looked like last year - the memories fade too quickly.

I started Take Better Photos in 2007 to share some of this fun and excitement of having great photos of family and holidays, through photography courses in Brisbane and now further afield too. The idea is to capture the truly priceless moments in life - the ones you will want to show your grandchildren.

You don't need an expensive camera for this... you just need to be there and know what to do.

The photos still surprise me. I hope you find some ideas and inspiration in the galleries for your own photos.

Since starting, we've grown to seven staff, and we've run over 900 courses so far, including courses in Victoria, NSW, and Tasmania too. We're twice winners and twice finalist in Quest's Business Acheiver Awards in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

We also hold joint photography workshops with Australia's best-known photographer: Steve Parish. He's an inspiration for using photograpy to rejuvinate your passion for life! And we're continuing to add new photography courses including our new Capturing Joy 2, and the World's first and only jargon-free iPhone Photography course.


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