Capturing Joy 2 photography course

Push your camera to its limit and master the toughest situations: low-light, fast sports and action.

  • Builds-on from Capturing Joy 1
  • We've read your camera manual for you
  • Includes new cheat cards customised to your camera, so you don't have to memorise
  • Learn by doing - 90% hands-on activity
  • Your place is a 1-year pass: come back on the workshop for free

$149 for a 1-year pass

You'll learn how to...

Shoot in the dark

Practise shooting by candlelight without a tripod - discover how dark your camera can go.

Keep moving targets in focus

From sports cars to flying birds and running children, practise the secrets to tracking focus.

Banish weird colours

Without the computer

Choose how much is in focus

Do you want everything sharp. or just a sliver?

Everyone learns well by doing, so we explain new ideas in a comfy venue, then jump straight outside to do it hands-on and make sure that everyone is confident with it. Then we're back inside for the next idea and so on. You're never sitting down long, and you can ask as many questions as you like. It's a lively group setting, but we're deliberately introvert-friendly too... if you prefer to be quieter, that's absolutely fine!

Anything from a tiny pocket camera to a full size SLR camera. We'll show you the best way to get amazing shots of people action with your exact camera, because it's different for every model. Let us know if you'd like to bring more than one camera - we can make cheat cards for extra cameras too.

Yes. In fact: we show you the best way to do everything on your actual camera model, not just a generic type of camera or a generic brand. On courses with a mix of camera types (DSLRs, mirrorless, and compact cameras), we highlight the strengths and limitations of each.

Yes! As many times as you like for a year from when you first attend the workshop, you can come back for free to the same course with the same camera. It lets everyone relax, enjoy the course, and not have to frantically write everything down.

Up to 10 new people, so you get personal attention

We've gone through each and every camera manual and distilled the useful bits that we know actually work properly on that camera, turned them into plain English, and put them in your cheat cards that clip on your camera strap for permanent help at your fingertips. We've refined these cards over 8 years to give you all the key things for photographing people, sports and wildlife.