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Can you get good photos with a cheap camera?

All of these photos were taken with a digital camera that I bought new for under $100 in January 2008. It was the cheapest camera in the shop. As an experiment, I used it (not my $10,000 professional cameras) for 6 months to photograph our own family and holiday photos, to see how good a cheap camera is. Some photos are enhanced with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Roll your mouse over the thumbnail images on the left to see a larger photo. Camera: Canon A460.

Isabella and paper bird
Brisbane Dawn
Arnie Bear
Gold Coast at night
Asleep on the beach
Australia Day
South Bank Pool
First Circus
Carmen at the beach
Springbrook sunset
Sunrise at Ma Ma Creek
Misty rainforest dawn
Carmen in the hammock
Isabella and Carmen
Green jumping spider


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