iPhone photography courses in Brisbane

Updated for iPhone 15

  • For iPhones 6 to 15 Pro Max
  • Learn by doing hands-on with your own phone
  • Complete with our "how-to" videos right on your phone, so you don't need to write a thing.
  • Tiny classes so you get personal attention
  • 1 year come back for free guarantee - don't worry about remembering everything!

$99 for a 1-year pass

What will you learn?

Shoot at night

Two iPhone photos of Brisbane city at night, showing how to shoot at night

Make your iPhone up to 15 times more sensitive to light for night shooting (shot on iPhone 4S)

Blur flowing water

Blur waterfalls to cream

Shot on iPhone 4S

Get amazing skies

Take skies from bland to dramatic

Shot on iPhone 4S

Shoot your 'wildlife'

People as cartoons, and close-ups of wildlife shot on iPhones

Shot on iPhones 4 to 5s

Get perfect brightness

Silhouette street photography and landscape

Shot on iPhones 4 to 5s

Get original photos on holiday and at home

Butterfly on a child's hand, a leaf as a landscape and a candid photo

Shot on iPhones 5, 6 and 6+