Lightroom Unleashed. Advanced Editing Made Easy

Get your art up on the walls

Printed, framed photos on the living room wall

For Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC on Mac or PC

What will you master?

Photos that surpass your memories

Make your photos match your memory, or go further and exploit colour contrast for creative special effects.

Looking up on a willow tree in Japan at sunset
Variations on a single photo showing different colour contrast

Straight from the camera

What it really looked like

How I remember it and like it - enhanced yellow/blue colour contrast

... or go further - enhanced teal/orange colour contrast

Master every part of the Develop module

Portrait of children in shadow fixed in Adobe Lightroom (R)

Discover the future of raw editing with profiles and LUTs. Work faster, reach beyond what Lightroom's sliders can do, and bring the best of Photoshop into Lightroom, without ever leaving Lightroom.

Unlock your camera's hidden detail

Portrait of Steve Parish taken with a half-frame camera showing the extra detail available through tailored sharpening

Go from this (straight from the camera)

To this in 20 sec - with tailored sharpening where you want it

Make editing playful

Printed, framed photos on the living room wall

Craft your look with Lightroom's luminance masking - the intuitive, playful way to edit portraits and landscapes. It's like the way we used to do it in the darkroom.

Unleash the power of curves

Fix faded images, convert negatives, and create special looks directly in Lightroom

Convert old negatives in Lightroom

Make Lightroom's Library your servant

Fly through your Library with shortcuts and workflows, and avoid all the common problems

Learn the secrets of the Lightroom library module

Sleep better than ever...

... with your photos organised and safe. Create the system that works for YOU.

Convert old negatives in Lightroom

Normally in our editing suite - currently live online

Our photo editing suite in Annerley, Brisbane

We'll look after you for our 4 hours together in Annerley. We're Tim Tam addicts.

What's included to take home?

  • 21 creative presets by Dean
  • Our custom profile to recover lost details from raw files that Lightroom's sliders alone can't reach
  • Our exclusive Skin Proofer™ to quickly and confidently get great skin tones even if your screen isn't perfect
  • 10 print templates for instant collages and wall prints
  • 2 templates for organising and backing up your photos and library
  • 1 year come back for free guarantee, so you won't need to worry about remembering.

$240 for a 1-year pass

or just $200 when bundled with another course.

Looking for a basic course instead?

See our beginners' course Photo Editing Made Easy - you don't even need your own software yet.

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