Photo Editing Made Easy

6 steps to making the most out of every photo you've taken, in minutes

  • Use any software from Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements or Affinity Photo - the new substitute for Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Lots of hands-on practice with your own photos.
  • Tiny classes so you get personal attention - max 4 online
  • Share control of your computer online - we edit with you
  • 1 year come back for free guarantee, so you won't need to worry about remembering - come back online or on face-to-face courses once social distancing eases

$210 for a 1-year pass

Special! Just $150 when bundled with another course.

What will you learn?

Bring back life in all your photos


Portrait of children in shadow fixed in Adobe Lightroom (R)

Fix shadows in 30 seconds

Landscape photo before and after editing in Photoshop

Go from this (straight from the camera)

To this in 2 minutes - how the scene really looked

Before-and-after portrait of a baby

Turn nice photos...

... into great photos in moments

Numinbah valley, Queensland, at Sunrise before and after editing

Show what you saw, as you saw it

Print your photos confidently

Are your prints and albums lighter or darker than you wanted? Are the colours right? We show you how to set up your screen and judge the brightness properly, so you can confidently order expensive albums, posters, and canvasses for the wall.

Fix problems and distractions

Banish weird colours, distracting backgrounds, and (if you really want to) perform minor plastic surgery on faces.

Photos of a child before and after retouching in Photoshop (R)

Never lose a photo

A picture is only worth a thousand words if you can find it again. Learn quick ways to organise and backup your photos and stop your computer becoming a mess of pictures. Without spending all day doing it. Follow our simple steps and stop feeling guilty that your pictures aren't organised!

Make dramatic black-and-whites

Children with a window behind them, with a high-key look in Lightroom

What came from the $88 camera

30 seconds later on the computer

Black and white landscape before and after editing in Photoshop (R)

Put the sparkle into flat black-and-whites

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