Photographers for charities, community and social projects

Photos change hearts. They say what words and numbers can't.

We’re experienced in a range of sectors including including early years, youth, migrant and refugee, indigenous, rural and remote in Australia and overseas. We specialise in photography with disempowered people who don’t want a camera anywhere near them. We won’t tax your relationship with your clients, we share instant prints, and we sometimes hand over our cameras and just facilitate. We know that the most valuable photos are given, not taken.

Our passion is making a difference; our cameras are merely how we choose to do it. Whether it’s photography for an event, a program, or a re-structure of your website for NDIS, contact us at our Brisbane office to see how we can make a difference together.

Some of our charity, community and social clients

  • Wesley Mission Brisbane
  • The Smith Family
  • QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Services)
  • MDA Ltd (formerly Multicultural Development Association)
  • QPASST (Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma)
  • Greening Australia

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