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All our photography courses include your own unique cheat cards to show you the quickest and best way to do everything from the course on your actual camera model. And all except the Steve Parish courses carry our 12-month come-back-free guarantee... it's not a memory test!

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our unique cheat cards for your camera model

  • Capture action photos including children and family

    Capturing Joy 1

    The 5 secrets to amazing photos of family, sports & wildlife for beginners with any camera. Jargon-free.


  • Travel landscape photography: sunset silhouette in Hoi An, Vietnam

    Travel & Landscape

    5 secrets to stunning travel & landscape photos with any camera. Banish "you had to be there" photos.


  • Photo edited in 30 seconds in Lightroom. See how.

    Photo Editing

    The 6 steps to make the most out of every photo in minutes. No software needed - come & try them.


  • Capture action photos including sports and children

    Capturing Joy 2

    Shoot fast action in the toughest situations. Builds on from Capturing Joy 1.


  • All our photography courses


    Master your SLR or mirrorless camera in any situation. Off-camera flash, close-ups, low-light - for enthusiasts and beyond


  • Steve Parish on a night photography course in Brisbane's South Bank

    Steve Parish Photography courses

    Learn from Australia's most famous photographer.


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