Feedback from our photography workshops:

Cameron Johns
18th Dec 2019

Best photography course in Australia hands down.


Wendy Cliff
Sunshine Coast Council

Hi Dean and Eleshia,
Thank you for the great training. Everyone I have spoken to has said best training they have attended... ever!

Louise French

Thank you Dean, Eleshia and Steve Parish,
It was the most awesome day last Saturday... I learnt so much and got some great photos as well. Have been raving about the course ever since so thank you!


Vivien Harris

Hi Dean,
Well, Eleshia's course today was sensational... she more than exceeded my expectations, both as a teacher and as a highly skilled photographer! The course was very well paced, and was certainly tailored to my needs and those other other participants. Too often I have attended courses where the instructors obviously had a comprehensive knowledge of their field, but were hopeless teachers and I have come away no more skilled than beforehand!


Catherine Douglas

Hi Dean and Eleshia,
I enjoyed the course last Sunday very much. I have learnt so much, so quickly at all the courses I have attended. There is such a big improvement in my photography & it's very exciting because I wanted to get to know my camera & improve my skills before going on holiday. A big thank you to you both for speaking plain english and demystifying the jargon which has baffled me for years! And for making it FUN. I am highly recommending your courses to anyone wanting to improve their photography.


Kim Duffy

Hi Dean and Eleshia,
Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon. I came with my teenage sons and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We are each at different levels in our skills but each of us got so much out of it. Now the boys are working out how to save for the next course.


Samantha Sallaway

Hi Dean,
Thank you so much for your fantastic courses! I loved each one and learned so much. Your courses are so well planned out, the cheat cards and booklets are fantastic but the best thing is your enthusiasm which is highly contagious.



Nina Granzien

Hi Dean,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Capturing Joy" class last saturday. Thank you so much for being so easy to understand, talking in laymans terms and adding your humourous twist to the class. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Without a doubt, the best money I have ever spent!
With kindest regards and heartfelt thank-you's...



Mari Burton

Hi Dean,
I did your Capturing Joy course recently and LOVED every second of it. Your class was EXACTLY what I was looking for in a photography class. I had a fantastic morning - thank you for making it so enjoyable and interesting. I learnt so much that was practical and useful and that started changing the way I took photos straight away. The information you gave us about light was like a 'light bulb' moment for me - I am now so much more aware of the light and use my flash outside and turn it off inside. It has made a huge difference.

Thank you for making photography so enjoyable for me. I have been loving using the camera and driving everyone mad taking photos of everything.

I have raved about your class to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. I am hoping to come to the Travel and Landscape one shortly, so will hopefully see you soon. Many thanks.


Thanks again.
Scott Huston

Hi Dean,
Just wanted to thank you again for the course last night. The way you teach the subject is fantastic. No nonsense, easy to understand and fun! Wish I had done the course ages ago. I will certainly be booking more courses.


Fiona Gilmour

Have done capturing joy, landscape and advanced photography and they were all brilliant. The advanced course... was one of the best courses I have ever done. We covered so much in one day it was superb value for money.


A +++++++++
Kimberley Robinson

Hello folks!,
Just wanted to write and say how AWESOME my experience has been doing the "capturing joy" course. The amazing Eleshia (who is the BEST instructor I have ever encountered when learning something), took my course, and she made it so simple to understand, and packed the couse with so much information and "jargon free"... It was easy to follow and the course content is fantastic.

I then attended my "free pass" on VERY short notice (same morning of course!) and was expecting not to be allowed to stay given I had just sort of "rocked up". Peter was the instructor (who was also an amazing, fun instructor) ... and I was welcomed with open arms.... Keep up the AWESOME work and I cannot wait to attend further courses to keep expanding my knowledge!! I will be back to do more for sure!!

Big thank you Dean for every workshop I have attended. I took some family shots over the Easter weekend and... I was EXTREMELY happy with my results in the photo and editing. You are certainly the photography GURU!

Anthony Presotto

Thanks Dean! Photo Editing Made Easy was just that! Thanks for the tips, tricks and all the knowledge condensed down to a few hours. You had my attention right up to the last minute (despite being up since 4.30am for work). I'm really pleased with what I was able to learn in such a short space of time. Thanks again!

Jennifer Nutchey

I just completed my Travel & Landscape photography course at the Powerhouse and had an absolute ball. Thank you so much to Eleshia and Peter - both were so helpful and knowledgeable and I have a far better grasp of my DSLR! I can't wait to do the other courses :)


Katrisse Wilson

Hi Dean,
I want to commend Eleshia who took the two courses I attended yesterday. She is a brilliant tutor. Everyone said how good she was and how much they enjoyed the courses. Both courses were brilliant. Thank you so much for providing courses which are easy to understand and without the jargon which can be so off-putting to beginners.

Lesley Foster

Hi Dean,
I did a photography course with you a few years back and it was the best money I ever spent! We often get compliments on the photos we take now. Thanks too for the tip of the bargain camera to get on e-bay. It has been great and given us plenty of great photos. Hoping to come back on a course again soon.


Kind Regards,
Belinda Burris-Scott

Dear Dean, Elisha, and Jimmy,,
Thank you for such a wonderful day! I learnt heaps and heaps and heaps; the content, format and presentation were so professional and inclusive, and to me (a total novice) so understandable. I had such fun practicing the things Jimmie and Elisha taught me! I now have the best photo of my husband that I have ever taken and am really sooooooooooo delighted. What a gift you have given me. Thank you, each one, for your generosity and skill - it was a day to be long remembered with a big smile.


With warmest thanks,
Jenny Owen

Hi Dean,
What can I say but......fantastic! I attended both the 'Capturing Joy' and 'Travel and Landscape' photography courses, and I spent the whole day in amazement at what my 'simple' camera could do and learned some great tricks. I have some fantastic memories of this day and will definitely be visiting Take Better Photos for further courses.


Thanks again,
Lesley Hardy

Hi Dean,
I thought you would appreciate some feedback on your two courses (Capturing Joy & Travel & Landscape) that I participated in yesterday.

I thought the courses were fantastic - they were insightful, interesting, very easy to comprehend and practical. I have done numerous courses in the past BUT I have never learnt as much as I did yesterday being taught by you! It was so rewarding and exhilarating knowing that I got so much out of the day!

You had my full and undivided attention for the entire day, you kept me interested by showing us your OWN photos of your family, you spoke in Layman’s terms and you only showed us what was necessary.

I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to discover the world through my camera!!

I'm looking forward to doing more courses with you in the near future.


Thanks and warm regards,
Jamie-Lee Reid

Hi Dean,
Wow! I am so much more confident and excited now in not only using my camera but saying ‘yes’ to family & friends who want their special moments captured!

I have learned so much and definitely got more than I bargained for. The cheat cards, the practical examples, and the way in which you facilitated definitely made the learning so easy and definitely fun! I’m looking forward to the Advanced course!

Thanks again and keep up the awesome job!


Kind regards,
Geraldine Moeder

Hi Dean,
Wow! I am so much more confident and excited now in not only using my camera but saying ‘yes’ to family & friends who want their special moments captured!

I attended the Capturing Joy course on the weekend and I loved it. I was amazed how much you packed into 3 hours and the notes and cheat cards have been a great help since. My photos are already looking so much better! I was pleased to see that it didn’t matter what kind of camera you had the course was still completely relevant. I look forward to attending the other courses in your range.

Thanks again,
Felicity Hearn

Take Better Photos is a brilliant investment! I have done all of Dean's courses and am much more comfortable with my camera... The lessons you learn will help you to capture the spirit, not just the objects you see.


Brooke Freeman,

Hi Dean,
I did your "Capturing Joy" workshop in February, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and that I got so much from it. Previously, I took "nice" photos, but I have really noticed a difference in what I am capturing now, and I've never had so many comments about what "beautiful" photos I have taken. A week after I did your course, my new niece was born, so I have had a wonderful subject to work with and have managed to capture some very special tender moments with her parents and grandparents. Again, thank you.


Kind regards,
Susie Abell

Hi Guys,
I just completed both introductory courses last weekend. Can I just say how amazingly easy and fun they were! The ideas and suggestions of how, where and when to take photos were incredibly simple and something I can still remember without having to refer back to the notes. I am so glad that with a couple of adjustments the difference to my photos is incredible. My friends, family and work colleagues are also probably sick of me talking about the courses, but I can't wait to try out what I learned.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The courses just flew, yet I learnt so much in that short space of time. Dean - you're a brilliant teacher, and if I'm not capable of taking much better photos now I'll have to blame operator error!


Thanks again.
Vicki Aylward

Hi Dean,
I really want to thank you so much for the courses I did on Saturday. I am blown away by how much I learnt. I was able to come home & photograph friends - a grandpa & grandson, great photos capturing the love between these two. Priceless.

I cant begin to tell you how inspired I feel.
Thank you again for sharing so much with such joy.

Warm Regards,
Jill Nightingale

Dear Dean,
What a fantastic course you run. I’ve been inspired and become even more obsessed with photographing my daughter!


Thanks again.
Julie Kordik

Hi Dean,
I attended the portrait and landscape courses today and just wanted to say thanks for two great courses.

You are a great trainer adding humour and variety to your presentations. Also not to mention the great tips custom-made for each camera, that was just a great feature. I am really impressed by how much I learnt in just a few hours and have the prompts to take away with me to jog my memory later. I will certainly recommend your courses to all my friends. I want to do all the courses that you run!

Cheers and thanks for a great day.
Kay McManus

Hi Dean,
I really enjoyed last Sunday’s courses and have already started practising….I am also very pleased to be able to say that my camera has not been back on the Auto setting :)


Kind regards

Hi Dean,
I attended your "Capturing Joy" class and "Travel & Landscape" class on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed them!

I learnt so much in just one day... can't wait to go out and practice my new skills. The presentations were simple, easy to understand and well-illustrated with photos. The practical parts helped me understand and practice my new skills and I found them invaluable. I loved it! I'll definately recommend your courses to my family and friends (and be back to do some more myself).


Thank you!
Carly Alleway

Hi Dean,
Just wanted to thank you very much for the fabulous course "Capturing Joy" that I did with you today. You have put together a great course that makes sense, is enjoyable and most definitely inspiring!! I am SO excited about taking beautiful photos of my family and friends now, and feel that I have all the necessary know how to do it well!!

Thank you again for the gift voucher that I won too - I would have happily paid to do the course, but having won it makes it even more wonderful. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is interested in doing a fun photography course.


Petrea Sloman

Hi Dean,
I completed your capturing joy course on Saturday and had a blast!! Looking forward to trying out all of the ‘rules’ on my family and friends!
Once again, thank you for a great morning on Saturday – I’ll be recommending you to all of my friends!


Amy Thomson

Hi Dean,
I wanted to send you a huge thanks for all the knowledge you pass on through your courses.
I learnt so much more in the few hours spent with you about my camera and how it “thinks” than I did in any of the other short courses I have completed.
I really enjoyed the way you applied a personality to my camera and found your explanations were so practically based that I can use the information in the real world without having to spend an hour before reviewing complicated information that for me just doesn’t sink in.


Thanks again
Anna Jarman

Hi Dean,
Just wanted to thank you again for a great course today. I still can’t believe I finally found such a great course that ticked everything on my wishlist:

  • Capturing & expressing the emotion in shots of family & friends
  • Suitable for a keen but ‘dummy’ photographer
  • Affordable !

Everything you spoke about made complete sense (thanks to no jargon), catered specifically to my own personal camera & included so many general photography handy hints & tips to capture those special moments with our loved ones. I really enjoyed it & got so much out of it, including a lot of good tips that are easy to remember & make a huge difference to the end result! I have been raving about your course to friends already & can’t wait to show off my new & improved photography skills.


Thanks again, Dean. Kind Regards,
Belinda Burris-Scott

Photo (c) Lisa Hanigan 2008. Published in Sunday Mail

Hi Dean,
My friends and I completed a Capturing Joy course with you in November and we all really enjoyed it. I have just entered a photography contest with the Sunday Mail - I sent in a photo of my boys that I took the day after attending your course (some practice shots). The Sunday Mail telephoned me yesterday to say they are going to publish it in the paper this Sunday! He said it was a great photo! So, thanks to you!
Thanks again, and Merry Xmas to you and your family!

Lisa Hanigan

[Lisa's photo reproduced here with permission. Thanks Lisa, and congratulations again!]

UPDATE - Lisa's had more success since then too. Lisa wrote to us in March 2011 saying "2008... was the first year that I received a Sunday Mail Photography Top 50 certificate. I have entered every year since, and each year have had a win in the Top 50. Your teaching has clearly had a positivie impact on me and my skills!"

Hi Dean,
Thanks for a most enjoyable Saturday morning workshop. For me, it took the intimidation away from my camera and put some fun back into the process. I am really looking forward to learning more on your Landscape course. Thanks again.


Kym Hughes

Hi Dean,
I really enjoyed the Capturing Joy workshop. I had so much fun! I came home and put to practice all the things I had learnt on the course and was able to take some brilliant shots of my son. The handy tip sheet and book was really useful and a great resource.

Thanks Dean, you have a lovely warm nature and made me feel comfortable straight away, I felt safe to ask lots of questions. It was great and now I want to buy that SLR camera and book in for a few more courses.


Rachel Ryan

Hi Dean,
Would just like to say again how great the course was. I definitely got a lot out of it and now know a lot more about my camera. I will be thoroughly recommending you to all and sundry.


Thanks heaps
Yvonne Kelly

Hi Dean,
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course you ran on Sunday morning... I took some great photo’s of my three grandchildren (practising your tips) straight after I left the course. I love the black and white, and my daughter is really thrilled with these photos. I’m really looking forward to the Landscape course.

Thanks again.
Julie Anderson

Dear Dean,
We’d just like to take the opportunity to thank you for the course on Saturday. It was fantastic – just what we needed to build our confidence. Chris is very keen to do the landscape course and I would like to as well.


... thanks again
Carla Adams

To Dean,
I just wanted to thank you again for your informative course today. I came home buzzing with information, that seems so simple yet changes so much about what you do in everyday photography. Your information regarding light was incredibly helpful and probably the most informative for myself... I can't thank you enough...

Thanks so much, and have a great week


Cindy Lacey

The information and tricks that you discussed with us were fabulous and I actually came away thinking "why didn't I think of that beforehand..."

Thank you again, and I am now very keen to follow on and do the landscape course, so will hopefully see you again very soon.


Big Thanks
Kate Hammond

Hi Dean,
Thanks for a fantastic day last Sunday! I learnt so much from you & I came home that day & got your little cheat cards... & played with my camera for another 4 hours! I have a new passion for photos again! I really feel that I have learnt so much & am looking forward to using my camera next time I'm with people to capture their joy. I'll be looking to do the Travel and Landscape course soon.


Kylie Goulding

Hi Dean,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the course on Saturday. It's made a big difference to me, an aspiring photographer. Sharon and I got a lot out of it. Your tips inspired me to go home and spend the rest of the weekend going through old photos to chop them up and make them look better...

Thanks again.
Matthew Eves

Hi Dean,
I really enjoyed the workshop this week... it’s amazing how easy it is when you know how. Have a fabulous Easter!

Janice Hughes

Hi Dean,
I must say how much I enjoyed your style of teaching & can't believe how much I learnt today. Thank you so much for a productive morning.


Kind Regards,
Shirley Dionysius

Hi Dean,
Thank you for the course on Saturday. I had a great time... it was fun and informative without being overwhelming. I am already able to put the tips in place without having to spend a lot of time learning and memorising them. I am looking forward to the next course...


Best Regards,
Rachel Panousis

Hi Dean,
... your course has had a huge impact on the composition of my photos. I feel inspired to continue to improve my photography to better capture precious moments with my children.

I will continue to recommend your course to others....


Debbie Chapman

Dear Dean,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the course that I attended today. The information that I have gained is invaluable. For many years now I have wanted to learn how to take good photographs but always found the jargon & technology overwhelming.
I now feel as though I can confidently experiment with my camera and enjoy taking photos...

Thanks again,
Alice Dabelstein
12th Jan 2008

Dear Dean,
I had previously attended a different weekend-long photo course. I learned more in 2 hours [with Take Better Photos] than in those 2 days.

Gina Eustance