Frequently-asked questions about our photography courses

Almost everything you’ll want to know about our courses is right here but feel free to give us a call on 3255 8811 if there is anything we have missed.

We have different courses for different levels. Our best courses for beginners are Capturing Joy and Travel and Landscape Photography. Capturing Joy is 100% jargon-free and suitable for absolutely anyone - including children down to age 9. But we've had professional wedding photographers say they learned lots from it too! These two courses form the foundation for Capturing Joy 2, The Advanced course and are also great (but not essential) pre cursors to the Steve Parish workshops.

Anything from a tiny pocket camera to a full size digital SLR including the latest Compact System (Mirrorless) Cameras for most courses. If you're interested in Capturing Joy 2, the Advanced course, or Steve Parish introduction to wildlife photography and you have a 'compact' camera (not an SLR or mirrorless camera), give us call first to check that you'll be able to do all the things on the course.

Yes! As many times as you like for a year from when you first attend the workshop, you can come back for free to the same course with the same camera. It lets everyone relax, enjoy the course, and not have to frantically write everything down.

Most of our workshops range between 3.5 to 4 hours and the time of day depends on course activities, sunsets and night shooting. The more advanced workshops are a full day with lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

We keep classes small so everyone gets personal attention. Depending on the workshop, the numbers vary between 6 (Photo Editing and Advanced) and 12 new people, so booking is essential. We can also organise private courses in your own home for 7-12 people, and everyone benefits from discounted rates. Call us on 3255 8811 for details.

Your camera with fresh batteries and enough space on a memory card to take at least 200 photos. Feel free to bring any extra lenses and some courses require a tripod or for you to bring some of your own photos too so check the specific course page or your reminder email for exact details for each workshop. No need to bring your instruction manual, as we read it for you and make cheat cards customised to your exact camera model..

We use a variety of comfy venues all over Brisbane that work in rain or shine so please check your specific course dates for exact times, venues, directions, parking details, and wheelchair accessibility of each workshop. You should also receive a reminder email in the week leading up to the course with all of the details.

You'll need to book at least a week in advance to be sure of getting your cheat cards customised to your camera model in time for the course. If you need to book any later you are still welcome onto the course if there is space, it just means we may need to mail out your cards to you after the fact but our trainers are usually well equipped to help you through on the day anyway.

Yup. And we've distilled the useful bits, turned them into plain English, and put them in your cheat cards that clip on your camera strap for permanent help at your fingertips. We've refined these cards over 8 years to give you all the key things for each course you attend.

Yup. If you are wanting an additional set of cards separate from the ones that have come with your course, there is just a small fee of $39 for each extra set. Maybe you’ve got two cameras or once you attend the course you want to buy a new camera. That’s fine, you can always come back and repeat the course for free with your new camera and only pay for the new set of cheat cards.

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Dean Holland brings 20 years' experience in photography, and 15 years' experience and a PhD in adult learning. He's an author in 3 books related to adult learning, and has run hundreds of workshops in 7 countries in 2 languages. He is a professional photographer specialising in charities, social projects and family photography. Dean has two gorgeous daughters... you'll see lots of photos of them!