Sports photography course: hands-on with soccer

Learn, practice then shoot two live soccer games by day and night with professional football photographer Ian Judd and professional trainer Dean Holland

Three football photos - soccer players diving and running in daylight and stadium light

Freeze the action by day and night. Photos by soccer photographer Ian Judd - one of your trainers

Saturday 8th Feb, Narangba United Soccer Club, 2:30pm-8:30pm

Learn, practice then shoot two live soccer games with full support - through daylight, dusk and night to push you and your camera to the limit. Complete with cheat-cards showing you the settings for your actual camera model and lots of hands-on practice with your own camera.

Just $249, including cheat cards for your camera

Note: as a special one-off course, this isn't eligible for our 1-year pass guarantee.

What will you learn?

  • Push your camera to the limits to get sharp shots in difficult light
  • Nail the focus on moving targets
  • Deal with harsh sunlight and shadows
  • See how dark your camera can go - can you get shots in dim stadium light?
  • Get team photos, social photos, and candid photos
  • Edit for speed and quality - manage the deluge of shots from a game and deliver the photos ASAP
  • War stories and hands-on tricks from a working pro
Three photos of soccer players in action

What camera do I need for the course?

The course is suitable for any digital SLR or mirrorless camera. For daylight shooting, a compact camera with a good zoom would also be suitable, but it won’t be able to capture many night photos. Sports shooting pushes your gear to its limits. The more zoom on your lens, the better... a suggested minimum is 150mm to participate, but 500 is ideal.

What experience do I need?

This course is aimed at beginner to intermediate photographers, although even advanced photographers will likely pick up great tips from Ian’s hands-on experience and wisdom.

Meet your trainers

Ian Judd portrait

Ian Judd is the digital coordinator for Football Brisbane, and shoots all the main games. An award-winning professional photographer since 2004, he brings huge experience of the hands-on tricks for getting the shot under any circumstances. Get his advice and experience of what it’s really like on the touchline.

See more of Ian's work at Aqua PD.

Dean Holland portrait

Dean Holland is a professional photography trainer and award-winning professional photographer. Dean revolutionised photography education in 2007 when he built Take Better Photos out of his PhD in adult education. Dean makes all the brain-bending stuff ridiculously obvious and fun, whether you're a beginner or enthusiast. It's so popular that nearly 1% of Brisbane has already done a photography course with Take Better Photos. So far. Come and see for yourself.